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-Josephine “Jos” Hanan, CEO,




She moves you on an emotional level and is someone who is someone you want to listen to;  she coaches you on ways you can inspire/move your team; she moves you into action and she gives you very practical marketing, sales, and cutting-edge business best practices which can move your business/organization into its next level of growth.


"Having been a Past President of Toastmasters, in many Lead/referral groups, and having put on many of my own events for women and entrepreneurs,  I’ve sat though a lot of speeches over the last decade or more. And to be frank, many speeches I’ve heard have been boring, uninspiring, unnecessarily technical, and just overall unremarkable, un-memorable and inconsequential in terms of me taking action in my life.   


Lynnea Hagen, on the other hand, is someone whose words MOVE YOU on so many levels. She moves you on an emotional level and is someone who is someone you want to listen to;  she coaches you on ways you can inspire/move your team; she moves you into action and she gives you very practical marketing, sales, and cutting-edge business best practices which can move your business/organization into its next level of growth. 

The first time I heard Lynnea speak I knew 3 things:

1. I would be proud to share a stage with her 

2. I wanted to book her right away on my stage 

3. Lynnea’s words would live on for me for years to come.

I still cite what she said in the 1st speech I heard about getting un-stuck and overcoming distractions to my PHB community today (although I first heard her speech years ago...) Make sure to have Lynnea tell your community the “story” she told me... it’s filled with what legendary speakers are made of!"

J-osephine “Jos” Hanan, CEO,


"Lynnea provided a short webinar that opened the door to a simple process that can help us manage our complex thoughts around Purpose. I think the PWN Global members will revisit the recording of the session many times, as it was so rich in content it deserves to be listened to again and again. A really refreshing topic to energize your personal leadership style and really make you reflect on your raison d’être.  

-Rebecca Fountain, Head of Global Marketing and Communications, Professional Women Network Global


“Good leaders are essential to Boys & Girls Clubs of Silicon Valley.  Directors of our Clubhouses have to demonstrate effective leadership not only to their staff but to the kids we serve, as well.  Lynnea Hagen of Abundance Company provided amazing tools and insight at our very first directors’ retreat, helping them discover their potential as true leaders.  Her holistic methodology in identifying challenges, strengths, and opportunities invited open dialogue among the participants. The retreat was a great success and paved the way for future personal and professional growth for our staff, as a result of Lynnea’s warm and positive approach to effective leadership.”

 -Bonnie Zander, Chief Administrative Officer, Boys & Girls Clubs of Silicon Valley


"When I started working with Lynnea, I was looking for help to reset my personal goals, and refine them with clear intent. After a few months of working with Lynnea, I have greater insight into what I want, why and how to get there. The entire process was very informative; enabled me to identify what I do/don't want in my life, and sort thru current issues.   The reminder to meditate and practice gratitude was most empowering. I am currently using what I learned to stay on track with all of my goals, and have a point of reference to measure progress. The results and surprises I got were: an amazing plan that is exciting and fun; I’m achieving my near term goals!  I still tend to over commit, but am now catching myself to reset expectations for myself and others as needed.  AND I don't feel bad about resetting those expectations, where I used to beat myself up. Having Lynnea as my guide thru this process was a wonderful and supportive experience.  The timing was perfect for me!"
-MP., Fremont, CA


"Thank you again for the great coaching session. I definitely feel blessed with meeting great people like yourself. You brought out some very difficult emotional issues that I’m faced with and I really appreciate your kind words and advice. With your experience and knowledge, you have the great ability to net things out very quickly. Very impressive."
-Donald W, Vice President., Bank of America


"I recently had an opportunity to speak by telephone with Lynnea Hagen.  I do not know Lynnea but was referred to her as a "person I should make connection with".  I was able to connect immediately with Lynnea whose listening ability and  comments merged so beautifully with my story and with my explanation of my calling and purpose in life.  It was a lovely experience, I have had many moments to reflect on our conversation and to review the notes I took during our conversation. I felt blessed to have connected with Lynnea.  She expanded my thinking and redirected me to reframe some of my thoughts. Also she has a very musical, beautiful speaking voice which was so relaxing  to listen  to."
-Patricia Weaver,


"I would like say that Lynnea is an inspiring and influential coach. If you are ready to focus on “you”, then hiring Lynnea as a resource will be one of the best things you can do for yourself. I sought out Lynnea’s service because I felt stuck. I wanted change in my life, but I was having a difficult time organizing my thoughts. My ultimate goal was to put together a personal/business plan. I feel like I found much more than I ever intended to find. I found a valuable resource to listen to me and help me organize my thoughts through the coaching process. I feel a lot more clear headed now. I have a clear understanding of my needs and values and understand how important it is to stay true to them. The tolerations concept helped me a lot. So much of my mindshare was consumed by the things I was putting up with in my life at home and at work. As I closed on those things, it allowed me to focus more on me and what I want for my life. Another thing that really helped me was the questions posed to me to consider as I journaled about different aspects of my life and what I want out of those aspects of my life. I continue to address things that I am procrastinating about or are draining my energy. I keep my personal/business plan in front of me as a constant reminder of my vision, mission, and objectives. It helps keep me focused on making the right decisions for me. 
I continue to journal about what I envision for each aspect of my life. It’s a very powerful exercise. The main surprise for me was how much mindshare was taken up by the things I was putting up with in my life. As I closed on those things, it allowed me to focus more and more on me and what I want for my life. It seems so simple, but very powerful. My coaching experience resulted in a one page personal/business plan that I keep in front of me always. Another surprise was that once I completed my personal/business plan I started to recognize opportunities that I didn’t see before, which resulted in me obtaining a new job in an area that I want to work in. I would like say that Lynnea is an inspiring and influential coach. If you are ready to focus on “you”, then hiring Lynnea as a resource will be one of the best things you can do for yourself."
-Tonya Bowes, Corporate Marketing Director


"If you have ever entertained the thought of coaching sessions, I want to encourage
you to contact Lynnea. Her insight is remarkable! I put into practice a couple of suggestions she made and I have already seen significant shifts, in not only my business, but also my personal life. My time with her was a true blessing."
--Carla Gold, Gold and Associates


"The short time I spent with Lynnea on the telephone was invaluable to me. If you have ever entertained the thought of a coaching sessions, I would encourage you to contact Lynnea. I have already used one of the suggestions she made and it definitely helped me to put together a crisper presentation. I will definitely incorporate all the suggestions we discussed."
-Vena Dorn, Vena's Skin & Body Treatments


"Of all the people I know, you have the business that most exemplifies your values."  
-Catherine Gonick, CEO, Marketing Works Now



"During our time together , Lynnea asked me some very relevant questions about my business so she was sure she understood what I do and where I am going. And then she was able to provide some very tangible, specific suggestions and language to help me take the next step with my goal. I recommended taking advantage of her services."
-Pamelah Landers, Master Hand Analyst and Author, Relationship Success is in Your Hands


"Today Lynnea and I had a tele-conversation to discuss my skin care business and the challenges I have. In just the short time we spent, I was able to come out with ideas of how to present a more concise presentation to new clients on why they should care about their skin and some ideas how to market my treatment series. This was just a few items we discussed. She was professional and very helpful. I would definitely suggest contacting Lynnea to see how she can help you grow your business."
-Vena Dorn, Vena's Skin & Body Treatments


“Working with Lynnea was such fun. Her facile ability to explore and capture my business “intentions” was enlightening, and now we have our comprehensive business plan- all on one page!” 
-Peter Lyon, Lyon Construction


"By utilizing Lynnea's services:

For the first time, I was able to evaluate and dispense of distracting "tolerances". I learned 4 degrees of delegation. I created a Business Plan and articulated a core marketing message. I involved employees in the process and obtained "buy-in" to our newly formulated VISION, MISSION, and VALUES. I utilized a professional evaluation process in a new hire, and used the same process for existing staff to understand how we complimented/conflicted with each other.

In addition to peace of mind, I have been able to consistently market ourselves. I was able to manage and resolve a difficult staffing problem. Our revenues grew and our margins increased by involving everyone.

I doubt whether I would have been able to remain in business during the recession without the strategic plan we implemented."

-Bob Pfahnl, President, Quantera Systems, Accounting and ERP


"You gave me a kick-start to look at what I needed to change in my life. (The program) energized me, and helped me develop higher standards with myself, with others, and in my business.”
-Penelope Worsham, Interior Designer


"Thanks to Lynnea for being such a great small group coach. I enjoyed the group very much!"


"I want to thank Lynnea for all her help (as a group coach). She's great!"


"Lynnea has been a wonderful small group leader and coach...the best of all I've had.." 


"Lynnea was so great, and I really enjoyed being in her class and group. Thank you, Lynnea, for being there for all of us." 

"You were wonderful and excellent in every way as Chair and Facilitator of the Salvation Army Retreat. Your presentation and engagement of the members were outstanding!
We are blessed to have you, your heart and talent. Thank you!"
-Wanda Buck, Salvation Army Santa Clara County, Advisory Board Chair


"Here is a much-deserved thank you and testimonial for our amazing Lynnea Hagen. She spoke at our South San Jose Marketing Group meeting yesterday on how to write a 1 Page Business Plan. It was great information. Lynnea was also professional and thorough with everything we would need to know about writing a business plan. If you have not had the opportunity to meet Lynnea or attend one of her workshops - please don't wait any longer. In these times, we small business owners need to learn how to stay focused and wiser in how we set our business goals.
So thank you - thank you, Lynnea. You're the BEST!!"
-Kathy Burgett, KB Fitness Owner

“Terrific. You really gave us a lot to think about.”
-Campbell Rotary

“That was great! Just what we wanted for our business clients.”
-Keypoint Credit Union


 We thought that we had a good Business Plan. But Lynnea showed us that we really didn’t have a plan at all, but rather a day to day ‘reactions’ to our customers’ needs. She helped us to focus more specifically on where we wanted to be, how we were going get there, and when we expected to reach that goal. A very effective workshop, highly recommended for those serious about building a business. 

-Chuck & Judy Smith, Crosswind Machining, Inc.


I found it very helpful how the workshop was broken down into sections. I'm a Realtor, and I could easily apply it to my business; I believe ANY business would find this beneficial. Perfect for both start-up and established businesses. The provided materials are excellent and Lynnea's teaching style is straight-forward. She will get you where you need to be!
-Kelly King, Real Estate Agent


I love using the One Page Business Plan. It's accurate and all-encompassing. Lynnea had great ideas and lots of one-on-one attention.
-Maria Guardado, Mortgage Broker


I attended the first session in the Lynnea Hagen "Power Plan Blitz" series and was very impressed with the depth of her knowledge and the quality of her giveaway/workbook materials. One can see that she really cares about helping participants come up with a succinct, meaningful plan to move their business planning to the next level. I would recommend this series to anyone starting a new business, or looking for ways to focus attention back on an existing business.
-Barbara Oertli, Visual Designer


This workshop is wonderful...I took the first one so far & it was very helpful in truly making me think about what I want & where I want to go with my business. Actually, this course could be applied to any type of goals one wants to create in their life...even with kids & school! Pass this information to anyone you know who could benefit from knowing how to get where they want to go.
-Robin Vecchio, Life Balance Consultant

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