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Inspiring Leadership.
Profit, People, & The Planet

The Profitability of Purpose
Get Unstuck!

Are You On the Way to Oz or Still Stuck in Kansas?
Sales Sales Sales!
6 Step Strategic Business Plan to Turbocharge Results
Turning Obstacles Into Triumph
Extreme Self Care

Take the Rocks From Your Pockets 

Lynnea offers keynote speeches, half-day workshops, webinars, retreats and training, customized to your specific audience, business situation, and unique challenges. As an international speaker, Lynnea inspires audiences with three pillars of “Profit, People, Purpose” that include actionable plans and inspirational guidance that are good for the company, for the community, and for human beings.. In her presentations, Lynnea will help you connect with your inner leader and move fully ahead into achieving what you most want.  

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