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"I help build businesses and communities that inspire the soul, to grow productivity, profits, and people."

Lynnea Hagen has been consulting for Silicon Valley companies like AT&T, Genentech, and Cisco as well as numerous multinational corporations, municipal governments, and small business owners since 1981. It was in the early years of her corporate career that the initial discoveries in finding her Golden Purpose began to surface: to provide clarity, guidance, and development for executives and entrepreneurs through strategic plans, leadership skills, and corporate governance to create a more loving community and honor the sacredness of the Earth. In 2002 she launched The Abundance Company where she has touched thousands of lives through assessments, individual and group coaching, networking training, coaching programs, seminars, workshops, retreats and guest-speaking engagements.


Born and raised in a big Serbian family in Des Moines, Iowa, Lynnea got the business spark from her entrepreneur father.  When Lynnea wasn’t helping out in his service stations or rental business, she was next to her Serbian grandmother. It was cooking alongside her that taught her to revere the earth, it's people, and the environment. Combined with solid mid-west ideals that stayed with her after living in Florida, Los Angeles and ultimately Silicon Valley, being a single mother of twin boys, the loss of her sister when she was 13 years old as well as the loss of both her parents, Lynnea used this lifetime of experiences overcoming challenges as well as  her education, to share with others and honor the inviolability of the planet through holistic coaching.


Lynnea has undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Sociology, a graduate certificate in Information Systems Management, and a Master’s of Science degree in Organizational Development from the University of San Francisco.  She is a certified Executive and Business Coach, as well as a Certified Dream Coach™.  She holds licenses in many business and coaching tools, including the One Page Business Plan™.  She is certified by the Secretan Institute as a “Higher Ground Leadership™” facilitator.


Lynnea authored of the book Stuckness—140 Ways to Get Unstuck, Get Going and Get What You Want. She co-authored the books The Change,  Insights into Self Empowerment; and, The Spirit of Silicon Valley—Journeys and Transformations Beyond Technology; She is the author of the forthcoming book, Leadership Stew—Chunks of Wisdom from the Abundance Leadership Radio Show.


Lynnea has served on the boards of National Association of Women Business Owners, The Salvation Army, the Silicon Valley Coaching Association (part of ICF), and is a charter member of the International Association of Coaching.

Currently, Lynnea lives in Downtown San Jose--the heart of Silicon Valley. 



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